PariDienst GmbH


Acting. Together.

Our guiding principle


The PariSozial Bergisches Land is a non-profit limited liability company. Sole shareholder is the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Landesverband NRW e.V.


Der Paritätische NRW is an umbrella organisation for social organisation, initiatives and unions, self‑help groups and social establishments. He is a partner and service provider, driving force, networker and special interest group for his member.


Der Paritätische is committed to the idea of social justice, defined as the right of every human being to the equal opportunity of realising his life in dignity and developing his personality.


All member and subsidiary organisations are obligated to the articles and guiding principle of the Paritätischer NRW. Tolerance, openness and diversity are mandatory and at the same time connective values of all member organisations; as basic principles they create the foundation for “social action”.


We aim to act in a way that every human being – with all diversities – has equal opportunities to a dignified life. We stand up for a culture of peaceful co‑existence in unified solidarity, no matter of confessional or party-political ties.


As PariSozial Bergisches Land, we represent in addition to the other parity members a wide spectrum of social work, different work approaches and new ways. We want to support and advance new ways of social work, to develop a new, modern type of social work. We see ourselves as a driving force of these new ways and help as much as we can to organise, design and realise necessary networks and interconnections.


We pledge ourselves to continuously develop and improve professional concepts. Our development of quality happens uninterrupted and in the context of the respective field of expertise.


We work in a strength-based manner and deploy our employees according to their individual qualities and abilities. We support the professional and personal development of our employees by continuous internal and external advanced training offers as well as co-operative counselling.


A respectful contact among each other and the people who make use of our offers and services is a self‑evident part of our philosophy.


Co-operation and transparency inwards and outwards are leading principles on which our acting is based.


Our umbrella organization