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Network against the far right

Co-ordination office of the Netzwerk gegen Rechts (network against the far right) in the Oberbergischer Kreis


As the county council enacted the implementation of a network against far right extremist, racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic elements in the Oberbergischer Kreis and provided a sum of 25.000 € for the co-ordination and support of systemic measurements, it happened as a reaction to the threat of politicians (even in the Oberberg County) being targeted by the national socialist underground (NSU).


The shock caused by terror that suddenly became this apparent, opened the gaze of many people towards far right occurences even  in the Oberberg County.


The PariSozial Bergisches Land was charged with the co-ordination of this new network against the far right.


Since 2017, the co-ordination office is being financed by state resources as part of the programmme “NRWeltoffen” and by resources of the Oberberg County (80% state, 20% county).


From the policy paper of the Netzwerk gegen Rechts, adopted May 23th 2012:



“The foremost duty of this network is to protect the youth and young adults from the influence of far right groups. For this purpose, the members of the network will focus their work on developing strategies of education, to make goals and procedures of far right groups apparent and how to counter them.


The Netzwerk gegen Rechts is an association of several organisations with the purpose of revealing far right extremist, racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic tendencies in the Oberberg County and deploying counter measures against them, and by doing so, to advance diversity and tolerance…”



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Netzwerk gegen Rechts

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