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School projects:


The change from primary to secondary school marks the beginning of a new stage in one’s life and is well known as a key situation in the educational path of every child.


As a renowned agency of youth welfare, we see the importance in a positive transition from primary to secondary school, just like the transition from day-care to primary school, and are challenged with an analogue assignment in the areas of education, upbringing and mentoring akin to our day-care facilities and open all-day schools.


Since 2009, the PariSozial Bergisches Land is involved with numerous extracurricular projects on secondary schools in the Rhein-Berg district. The current projects taking place at the Albertus‑Magnus‑Gymnasium in Bergisch Gladbach‑Bensberg, the Leonardo da Vinci‑Sekundar‑Schule and the Paul‑Klee‑Gymnasium in Overrath were tailored to the surrounding conditions of the particular sites and were designed to fulfil the specific needs of the students aged 10 to 13 as well as the levels of support demanded by their families.


Against the background of our pedagogical objectives and our most fundamental values, the extracurricular Sek1-projects distinguish themselves through the following principles:




  • pedagogical teams with reliable attachment figures = education needs fixation/connection
  • an approach oriented towards the individual fortitudes of the children, social and cultural diversity, a cherishing communication and a respectful dialogue between all participants
  • an age-based involvement of children and adults in decision-making and configuration processes
  • an Error-and-Feedback-system, through which children learn to evaluate the consequences of their own actions for themselves and their environment
  • freedom of scope, so that children can make their own decisions and are supported in developing the ability to organize and govern themselves.






Contact person:


Nicole Kodat

Pedagogical general management

Tel.: 02202 93 689 12