PariDienst GmbH


The business management specialist counselling of PariSozial gGmbH Bergisches Land Kita-Service is a service offer for day‑care centres within the sponsorship of parent initiatives and relieves the honorary managers concerning the business management of their organisations.


Recognizing the special situation in which parent initiatives find themselves in, the Kita-Service is being funded at a communal level, namely by the Rhein‑Berg County and the cities of Bergisch Gladbach, Overath, Leichlingen and Rösrath. This funding enables the Kita-Service to offer a free-of-charge business management specialist counselling for all day‑care centres for children, who in the majority are affiliated to the Paritätischer LV NRW e.V., and to offer the usage of personal and financial account services at a low price.


The specialist counselling of PariSozial gGmbH KitaService maintains a close co-operation with the social pedagogic specialist counselling of the Paritätischer for the day‑care offers for children.


The business management specialist counselling is a continuous support exempt from charges of the honorary function owners in parent initiatives and includes:


  • Introduction of new directorates in the accounting sector according to Kibiz-regulations and the principles of proper accounting
  • Advice on the creation of annually operating cost deduction (schedule of application)
  • Creation of an annually budget plan and help with calculation of provider share, membership fee and meal allowance
  • Annual accounts booking, actual/target comparison
  • Advising the sponsors concerning employee administration like
    • introduction to the basics of employee administration
    • counselling of the sponsors in the context of federal employee tariff TVÖD, for example classifications and help with salary accounting
    • counselling on questions concerning social security, wage tax, workers’ compensation board, provision for old age, insurances etc., implementation of labour standards, labour law
    • information concerning changes in the laws of social security, taxes and labour