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Our day at LzP

  • Meeting point after end of class are the class rooms of grades 5 and 6 on the 1st floor of the PKG
  • All Students present theirselves their respective supervisor
  • There is a break of 30 minutes for relaxation, exercise or lunch
  • After the break, learning & homework time starts
  • At the beginning, the extent and processing of the homework have to be discussed
  • The co‑workers will support the students should questions/problems arise
  • After homework time, the students enter the recreational pedagogical area in and around the refectory
  • The project rooms of PariSozial are equipped with billards, table soccer, table tennis and several other games. The resting room is meant for relaxation. In the creative corner, there are numerous and changing games and handiwork tasks
  • Very comfortable resting places enable the students to chill and lay back
  • If the weather conditions allow it, the outdoor areas may be used, and there are further playing devices for the children as well
  • The members of the recreational pedagogical team are present and are available as playmates or dialogue partners for the children, furthermore they offer creative activities
  • The children can decide, how and with whom they will spend the rest of their afternoon at LzP
  • The children are sent home not later than 15:45 which marks the end of LzP