PariDienst GmbH


Our pedagogical concept

The secondary school as a place of both learning and living challenges the children not only on a cognitive level, but also from an emotional and social point of view.


The LzP offers extracurricular spaces for learning and creating based on the children’s strengths, where they are accompanied by pedagogical co‑workers and learn to:


  • Master even the more difficult challenges and situations of school life
  • While doing so, trust themselves and trust in their own abilities and skills (self‑confidence/self‑efficacy)
  • Make decisions and act self‑dependently and to actively co‑design the offers of Lernzeit plus (participation)
  • Live and experience a community, where everybody is treated with respect, tolerance and appreciation.


The goal of LzP:


To support a successful entry into Sekundarstufe 1 of the PKG (Lebensraum Schule) and, by doing so, to make an active effort for a higher quality of education and for equality of opportunity for everybody.


To support families with the balance of family life, care and work.